Short Waves, Short Stories

“Short Waves, Short Stories” in its 7th iteration presents a ‘site specific, radiophonic dramatic creation’ which allows the audience that old fashion luxury of listening to a live broadcast of a newly created piece. The audience sits in a listening space while the actors and musicians perform over microphones from a separate “studio” jerry-rigged for the occasion.  

This year’s piece is “The Clap,” an adaptation of a short story by Michael Crummey. 

Michael’s short story contribution to The Globe and Mail’s 2017 collection of short story’s by authors celebrating Canada’s Sesquicentennial has been adapted here by David Ferry to become a 1928 BBC Radio presentation marking the 10th Armistice Day after WWI. The Short Waves, Short Stories audience will be seated in the Woody Point Canadian Legion listening to a “broadcast” with a radio drama at its center that tells the story of 15 year old Private Israel Dove of Crow Head, with the Newfoundland Regiment in France during WWI. Israel against the wishes of his mother has lied about his age to serve. We will also hear period music on the broadcast including a song created by Anita Best and Sandy Morris based on a poem by Margaret Duley (A Pair of Grey Socks).

Posted on May 7, 2019 .